Are You In Love?

Think of a time you could not get a person out of your mind: you were anxious, gnawed at the lining of your cheek while you hoped you got one glimpse of that person. Most likely, your heart was thudding in your chest.

An Indian woman holding a broom wearing a colourful saree

Wearing “Her” Shoes

On the occasion of International Women’s day in 2016, Brandeis University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) had organized a panel discussion on to talk about our perspectives on gender issues in our experience. It was an enlightening discussion where me and 3 of my fellow students and gender experts from different departments and various parts of the world presented their perspectives on gender. This is a written version of my panel presentation.

“18 Days of Heaven”

February, 2016: A discussion session organized by the Heller Solidarity Club on the anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. PC: April Nishimura

“Wear Sunscreen”

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in 2012 I happened to hear the sunscreen ‘slow-jam’ by Baz Luhrmann. My first blog is dedicated to this ‘song’, as it’s something that a lot of us should keep reminding ourselves about.